Ovivo Holland B.V.

Ovivo Holland’s customer-specific solutions for the supply and installation of water treatment plants are a combination of the best products and technologies available in the market.

To offer the best customized total solution, whereby the needs of our customers are central, Ovivo Holland  implements the most innovative, environmentally friendly and most efficient technologies.

By thinking in solutions based on the best technologies and our specialist team we can solve your problem from A to Z. Whether it is to assume full responsibility for project management, providing equipment or individual elements of the water and wastewater treatment plant, we will discuss with you to achieve a customized solution that fits your business.

Our brands 200 years serving the industry

Ovivo Holland B.V. belongs to the Canadian Ovivo group, which has 800 employees in 15 countries over 70 years of experience in water treatment. Ovivo is owned SKION Water International GmbH and Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec.

Ovivo Holland BV, founded in 1976 and based in Zoeterwoude, is ISO 9001: 2008 and VCA ** certified and affiliated with Aqua Netherlands, the association of water treatment companies. Ovivo Holland B.V. has own departments for design, manufacture, assembly, and service. The number of employees in the Netherlands is currently around 32.

Ovivo Holland B.V. distinguished by innovative high quality products and excellent after-sales service. Ovivo has a high market share where high quality is drequested. This is partly applicable in hospitals, laboratories, semiconductor and microelectronic industries and dialysis centers.


Our current offering:

  • General training in water treatment
  • Training of users skill in water treatment
  • Calibration of your instruments
  • Remote monitoring (pick up from your systems)
  • Workarounds for water treatment
  • Regeneration patterns of demineralised water
  • Ozonization and distribution lines
  • Cleaning of reverse osmosis (RO) membranes, electrodeionisation (EDI) and Membrane degasification
  • Upgrades and rebuild
  • Audits and certification (reclassification) chemicals storage in accordance with the standards BRL


Why Ovivo Holland?

  1. Ovivo Holland specializes in process water and water reuse. We understand the complexity of water use in the business and recognize the economical impact: water has a direct impact on the quality, efficiency and cost of the process.
  2. Your water treatment plant is designed, built and installed by Ovivo Holland. This gives us flexibly to meet the specific customer needs.
  3. Ovivo Holland has, as its clients, an excellent service which is clearly different. In addition to the Standard Contract, Contract Plust and All-in contract, we can also provide a 24-hour service.
  4. You’re sustainable because the environment is less burdened by low water and energy consumption. Ovivo Holland chooses the most cost-effective and sustainable solution for your process.
  5. Ovivo Holland B.V. (Formerly CHRIST HOLLAND BV) has over 200 years of experience in water treatment, nearly 40 years in the Netherlands.